Being as I’m a corpulent cat 4 who’s kind of obsessed with bacon,  I’m proud to announce that Wellshire farms is one of our new Sponsors!   They’ve lovingly donated two CASES of delicious, thinly sliced pork belly that once cooked,  will inundate the entire cross course with the amazing smell of my favorite pork product.  


Wellshire Farms is a family owned operation that produces fully cooked, “All Natural” meat products that are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. We only use small family farmers and vendor partners whose ideals match those of Wellshire- animal friendly practices, no antibiotics ever, small batch artisan production, to bring you and your family the best tasting, most affordable all natural beef, pork and poultry products in the markets today!

On November 30th,  Thanks to Wellshire Farms,  I’m going to do what i do best-   Gain weight on a race day.