Holding FlagHaving VisitFlander.US and Velo Classic Tours sponsor Staten CX has been an incredible treat. Based in New York City, Velo Classic Tours is the only U.S. tour operator that offers trips to the Spring Classics in Belgium, and have been traveling to Belgium since 2002. Translated, VCT is the only U.S. tour operator bold enough to cater to crazy cyclists who appreciate cold, mud, gravel, and good beer. And where will those cats be on November 30th 2008? Genius!

In addition to supplying a tent for VisitFlanders.US, VCT has offered up a $300 transferable discount to their tours as a race prize. So some lucky person will not only reign supreme in their category, but they’ll also be on a jet plane next spring to the Tour of Flanders while recovering from another successful ‘cross season. We’re doing some intense calculations to figure out exactly which category will see this prize. I can be bribed (with food).

Peter Easton is a walking encyclopedia of world cycling. I rigged up a microphone, put my phone on speaker, and called Peter to chat about the Spring Classics, RUI (riding under the influence), and bone chilling cold.

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