OrthoChickClaudette Lajam M.D. has offered up $50 premes for the Women’s 3/4 and Women’s Elite races under her almost superhero-esque moniker OrthoChick.Net! Don’t complain boys … you’ve been getting the good premes since time eternal (since you make the rules). So women: race like your entry fee and round of drinks depend on your first lap!

I first met Claudette under not-so-appetizing circumstances. Somewhere in the wilds of Long Island I was forced off the road by a truck and landed squarely on my knee. After posting on the CRCA board I received numerous recommendations and all roads seemed to lead to Claudette’s office. I was fixed up (without surgery, thank god) and was back in action a couple weeks later.

Seeing that in my first ‘cross season I have managed to knock my knee against something in almost every race, I thought I’d use this interview opportunity to pick Claudette’s brain without paying a copay. And now I’m sharing ….

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