Cyclocross is a spectator friendly sport.

Learn more about the sport in this New York Times article, Wikipedia, or here (for some history).

Here are the basics:

  • Cyclocross takes place on a closed, mixed-terrain course (mostly grass, gravel, sand and asphalt)
  • Some parts of the course are not ridable, and racers must dismount and run with their bike
  • Races are between 30 and 60 minutes. Laps are short, so you’ll see racers between 4 and 10 times
  • Most riders ride road bikes equipped with narrow knobby tires
  • In the event of a breakdown, racers can exchange bikes in the pit

The course is short and accessible by foot. Bring your cowbells and warm clothes!

Free food and drink will be available at the event care of VisitFlanders.us, Wafels and Dinges, Honest Tea, Wellshire Farms, and Robert Dvorin at Prudential Douglas Elliman.