119 Riders Preregistered! Hot Damn!

119We’ve had 119 racers preregister for Sunday’s race. Incredible!

Race-day registration is available. Plan to be at the venue a good hour before your race to give yourself enough time to register, maybe ride the course, and complete your archaic stretching and warm up routine.

Register for more than one race. Once you dip your toes in the lush, muddy waters of ‘cross you’ll want more. We understand. Cat 4 riders can race both the C and B fields. If you’re over 35 you could technically race the C field, the B field, AND the B Masters field. Do it. Push yourself. We’ll feed you.

3/4 and Elite Women at 12 Noon! We’re combining the our women’s fields and giving them a primetime slot at noon. The crowd will be warmed up and all the C and B men will be cheering you on.

Waffles and The Grill will get cranking by 11AM. Free. Free. Free. If you’re racing early, don’t overdose on Cliff bars and your antiseptic tangerine recovery shake. The REAL RECOVERY MEAL is just an hour away. We’ll also have hot chocolate, coffee, and vegetarian options.

Bring lightly used toys to donate to the SIUH Burn Center in memory of Fire Lt. Robert Ryan Jr.

Thomas DeGeest

On Waffles And Cycling

Thomas DeGeest

by Thomas DeGeest (Wafels and Dinges)

Here’s a word from the waffle guy on the importance of cycling in the waffle-world, and vice versa.

Cycling is one of my fondest memories of my growing up in Belgium. Just like waffles, cycling came in many flavors back in those days. I loved biking to school every day (mostly in the rain of course), my family had a tradition of watching the great classics in the spring (on TV), the Tour in the summer and the cyclocross races in the fall…always accompanied by coffee and cake on a Sunday afternoon.

But my best memories of cycling certainly come from the typical Belgian “kermiskoers”. Every village in Belgium had its annual street fair with as typical ingredients the bumpercars, the shooting stand, the rollercoaster and of course…the cycling race which would always swing by the street fair and around the church tower before heading for a loop through the local fields and cobblestone paths from the Roman days.

And a “kermiskoers” would not be a real one unless there were waffles being served, preferably with powdered sugar and whipped cream. In my mind, waffles are unmistakably married with cycling races, they are both part of the Belgian folklore, where local kids devour waffles, where the farmers take a day of to watch the race while chewing away on their cigars, where romances are born on the bumpercar track.

I really hope one day I can translate this feeling into a store…wouldn’t that be great: a cyclocross themed waffle store in the middle of Manhattan. Not sure if a lot of people would get the link, but certainly a direction I am thinking.

Avoid Race-Day Madness. Preregister Now!

Preregistration closes on Thanksgiving day at noon! So to avoid the throngs waiting to register on Sunday morning (and the $5 race-day registration fee) scoot on over to Bike Reg and do your thing. Mountain bikes without bar-ends are fine, and one day licenses will be available if you don’t have a USCF license.

Listing all the reasons you should race on Sunday would take a whole blog, but let me summarize:

Awesome Course
Awesome Park
Free Food
Great Prizes
For Charity

You dig?

In Memory Of Fire Lt. Robert Ryan Jr.

Doug Dicks, a New York City fireman and CRCA member, will be collecting gently used toys at Staten CX in memory of Fire Lt. Robert Ryan Jr. who died fighting a fire in New Brighton on Sunday, November 23rd. The toys will be passed along to Staten Island University Hospital’s burn ward and pediatric unit for their holiday toy drive.

Ryan, 46, was a 17 year veteran and father four. He started volunteering his time for the hospital burn center after suffering near career-ending burns in 2006 and spending a year at the hospital in excruciating rehab. To honor Ryan’s life and work, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving and the holidays, let’s do our best to help Doug collect toys for children in need.

Doug will have his truck in the parking lot and will do his best to hang some posters for the drive. Used toys are fine, but the center cannot accept fabric toys (e.g. stuffed animals). The SIUH Burn Center also accepts monetary donations. Please contact them at (718) 226-6988.