Sponsor Update – Tandems East and Cadence!

Tandems East has signed on as a merchandise sponsor, offering prizes for all but the elite categories. Tandems East is a specialty tandem shop located in Pittsgrove, NJ, offering Burley, Bike Friday, Seven, Cannondale, DaVinci, Calfee, Bushnell, Co-Motion, KHS, Terry, Rans, Kidz Tandems, as well as a full-range of parts and services!

Cadence Cycling & Multisport Center of NYC will be on-hand with BMC CX02 Demo Bikes Powered by SRAM, as well as Pedro’s equiped mechanics running our pit. Stop by and test ride a bike or use one in your event! Cadence will also offer a range of prizes for all categories, including Lactate Threshold testing at their state-of-the-art facilities in NYC and Philadelphia.

Rounding A Corner

Guest BBQ Chef: Hell’s Kitchen’s Matt Sigel

Staten CX is please to announce that Hell’s Kitchen alum Matt Sigel (Season 4) will be manning the BBQ pit.

Read a great interview with Matt on Yumsugar here.

Matt is a feisty competitor. According to Reality TV World:

Matt Sigel made Gordon Ramsay throw-up the first time they met; sliced off the tip of his own finger; served the best risotto in Hell’s Kitchen history; asked to switch teams after feuding with another chef; went completely bananas on all of the other contestants; and made numerous blunders while cooking.

Anyone who knows ‘cross knows that this is our kind of guy! It sounds like my first ‘cross race.

“Matt is like Full Metal Jacket” “I should be in Vegas right now”